Journal Entry 15B: Personal Entry

Work on Strongman BTLC and the comics officially resumes next week.


Journal Entry 15A: User Created Content

So TF2, which amazingly is still going strong, has a new update. This update is cool and unique though because its the first one that is 100% user created content. 57 items, and the only things Valve provided were the crates that house the new items, and the keys to unlock them.

This originally started as a large collaboration project among modders to allow players to download robot versions of the player classes, but when Valve picked up the project even more artists joined, guidelines were set, and the scope of the project was expanded to what it is now.

You can see the hub site for the update here

Journal Entry 14B: Personal Entry

While the dust settles from our graduation and we all take a short but well deserved break, I want to announce that we intend to continue Strongman BTLC over the summer (which means the world 3 tileset will soon be mine to play with while our programmer wraps up world 2) and that we now have time to start the comics without school obligations. The first step for that will be to break up my script into page by page chunks (which we’ll work on together), then our background artist will do his part, followed by our character artist last. Probably will be available online and we’d like to try physical copies too.

Also I’m gonna be trying to learn UDK soon.

Journal Entry 14A: Phoenix Wright

So two interesting things were announced yesterday.

1) The 5th Phoenix Wright title, Dual Destinies, would be available to western audiences this fall (thank god).

2). It will be a digital release only.

Point #2 is the part I think is a smart move, despite the inevitable wave of people who are mad they can’t get a physical copy. Considering Capcom is notorious for doing limited runs for games like this despite people wanting it, releasing it this way allows a) to not have to worry about places being sold out and b) secondary market prices due to low supply.

This was probably a pretty smart move. Also everyone buy and support this game or we’ll be lucky if we ever get western releases for this stuff ever again.

Journal Entry 13B: Personal Entry

The tilesets for Strongman world 2 have been arranged minus some extra background pieces that we can add in later. These have been passed off to our programmer who is overlaying hitboxes in GameMaker and working on the 1-2 new enemy types. Once the boss animations are in world 2 is actually pretty close to presentable!

Here’s what 2-1 looks like, the first part of Strong Gardens, the Buffopolis City Park

Journal Entry 13A: Modular Level Design

I saw an article the other day about something originally presented at GDC 2013 that I thought was really cool. Joel Burgess and Nathan Purkypile from Bethesda explain how they frequently employ “modular” level design tactics when making their large, open world games. What this essentially is, is a sprite sheet/tileset, but for big 3d worlds. It is what allows them to say, use multiple cave pieces all over the world while adding extra details to make each one still unique.

They go over a TON of information that I couldn’t possibly sum up right now, so here is a link to the full article. It’s pretty interesting.