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Current Project

March of the Machines – Card and Mechanics Design/Narrative
– Working with two teammates to create a 1v1 duel style TCG focused around synergy in building around a creature type/archetype where those creature types are stereotypical types of robots in pop culture (steam powered, super-robot, transforming, etc).
– Machines do all of mankind’s fighting in wars now, and to prove which company/manufacturer deserves the sweet, sweet government contracts, they have their best ‘bots fight to the death!
– Designed most mechanics, background information, flavor/narrative elements, and collaborating with team on art assets and individual cards + balance testing (currently in playtesting).


– Creative Writing/Short Fiction/Script Writing
– Adobe Photoshop CS4-5 (Intermediate)
– Adobe Illustrator CS4-5 (Intermediate)
– Proficient in most social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc)
– File management in a team oriented setting


That’s Entertainment Worcester MA
Front End/Refurbishing Apr 2015 – Current
– Work with various games/movies discs to refurbish them to pristine condition for sale in the store
– Run one of the registers at the front of the store efficiently and while aiding customers in finding anything they may need

Quiet Logistics Devens MA
Box Assembly Apr 2014 – Mar 2015
– Assemble boxes by hand to be used by a team of shippers to carry product in a quick and organized manner
– Handle most other tasks related to keeping supplies ordered and fully stocked both personally and via communicating with shift leads

Bose Corporation Westborough MA
Seasonal Sales Associate Oct 2013 – Jan 2014
– Assist customers over the phone in determining which product best suits their needs through a series of reactive questioning and intricate product knowledge.
– Place orders via phone with customers in an efficient, secure manner that is in line with Bose Corporation standards

Becker College Internship Worcester MA
Quality Assurance Tester August 2012 – August 2013
– Communicate with Becker College alumni on a personal project as part of a team of people selected to test a top-down stealth shooter game.
– Playtest new mechanics and elements of the game as they were added to each new build of the game.
– Create detailed reports about bugs encountered, with accurately explained steps to reproduce the bug in question, how it was first encountered, and included screenshots as necessary.

Professional Appearances

Raven Convention 2015 Rindge, NH (April 2015)
– Along with teammate John Roman, served as guest speakers for closing ceremony of a gaming convention hosted by Franklin Pierce University
– Spoke for ~1 hour to a group fresh from PAX 2015 about what goes on behind the scenes of indie development, drawing much from personal experiences that most aren’t aware of

PAX East 2013 Boston, MA (April 2013)
– Showcased the first playable world of Strongman: BTLC publicly at the Becker College booth on the expo floor, to much success.
– First time convention appearance


Becker College Worcester, MA
Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media – May 2013
Concentration: Computer Game Design
– Selected as top ten game design/development program in the U.S. by The Princeton Review from 2010-13.


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