Design Documents & Etc

March of the Machines
Currently in the works TCG based around popular robot types/tropes with a focus on synergy for playing similar ‘bots together. Much of the design itself as well as background narrative elements are being done by myself, with my team of John Roman and Ron Dorleans collaborating on rules/balance/mechanics, but the duo are also in charge of any art assets. Current version of the doc can be seen here and will be updated regularly. Last update 3/25/15 (Whoa we’re playtesting now! If you are interested in helping us make our game not terrible, don’t hesitate to contact me).
March of the Machines doc v1.5
Narrative Doc 1.3
Card Doc WIP

Game Analysis: God Hand
Wrote a paper about a game where you dropkick badguys into the stratosphere as per requirements for a recent application that I was pretty proud of.
God Hand Analysis

Jomeo: Titan of Love Story Doc
Written as a design document for a theoretical game, with a focus on narrative elements and how they incorporate themselves into gameplay, about a retelling of Romeo and Juliet if it were actually about giant robots. Edited by John Roman and Ron Dorleans to ensure what I was writing actually made sense. Assembled over the course of Sept-Dec 2012.
Jomeo: Titan of Love


Strongman: Big Truffle in the Lazy City
Comic storyline written over the course of Summer 2012, Served as the inspiration for my team’s current game project. Will finally be made into a comic and available on local stores’ shelves/digitally following completion of game project.
Strongman: Big Truffle in the Lazy City Script

Strongman: The Dastardly Baron
Comic script #2, written Winter/Spring 2013. Originally conceived as a storyboard, this tale recaps the events of said storyboard in a “previously, on…” style and then continues where it left off as Strongman must defeat his evil but well dressed twin brother, Baron von Strong. Comic ETA: “soon”.
Strongman: The Dastardly Baron Script

Strongman vs The Master of Dough
3rd Strongman comic script written in early 2015. In this episode a mysterious figure from our hero’s past makes a sudden reappearance, unclear if now as friend or foe.
Strongman vs the Master of Dough Script

Street Fighter: The Eternal Struggle
Worked with teammate Ron Dorleans to create and edit the script for a machinema video, using a modded version of the PC copy of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition as the basis. Also participated greatly in the recording process. Completed Apr-May 2012.
Street Fighter – TES Script

Training Daze
Another machinema video. For this we took a scene from an existing film/game and put our own spin on it. Edited existing script to suit our new take, gave direction on narrative elements such as camera angles and body language, and participated in controlling one of the “actors”. Used a scene from Kick Ass Recorded in Garry’s Mod using Bandicam (Copy of script is MIA currently, but final video is here, from Youtube). Created Feb-March 2012 alongside John Roman, Ron Dorleans, and Jonathan Ledoux.

Short Fiction/Creative Writing

Donkey Kong: Tyrant, Murderer, Banana Slamma
Written April 2013, an in depth look at how Nintendo’s resident simian is, in fact, the greatest villain their games have ever known. Research still ongoing.
Donkey Kong

Written Nov-Dec 2011. Short story about an android with top of the line hologram/cloaking technology that escapes from the science fair it was to be showcased at.

The Big Score
Written Oct-Nov 2011. Short story about an amateur chef who gets a chance to be head chef for brief time through strange circumstance.
The Big Score


A Farewell to Arms
Essay written in Sept 2012 about recurring themes in Hemmingway’s novel, A Farewell to Arms.
A Farewell to Arms Essay

The Things They Carried/The Deer Hunter
Essay written in Dec 2012, comparing elements found both in Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried and the 1978 film The Deer Hunter.
O’Brien/Deer Hunter Essay


Star Wars: Episode I
Working outline for a humorous speech given in mid spring 2012 about why Star Wars: Episode I is terrible.
Star Wars Episode I Speech


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